Integrity Schools
Most of the SIF Association’s efforts are targeted at helping schools implement SIF®. Unfortunately, aside from the SIF® Implementation Specification itself, there is not a significant amount of information about SIF® targeted at the specific needs of software vendors in the school market. Integrity Schools™ has a proven track record of implementing and certifying SIF® Agents for a wide variety of school software packages. Integrity Schools™ can help educate your company on SIF®, and provide it with the best options for incorporating SIF® into your overall business strategy.

Integrity Solution Benefits

Ways Integrity Schools™ can help your company
• Determine how you can leverage SIF® for real business benefit (reduce costs, increase profits).
• Ensure customer satisfaction with a working, certified SIF® Agent.
• Complete outsourcing of SIF® Agent development.
• Complete outsourcing of SIF® Agent support.
• Consulting on the architecture, design and implementation of your SIF® Agent.
• Co-marketing activities surrounding SIF®.
•Keep your engineers focused on core product development.

Ways SIF® can help your company
• Provide the value of SIF® to your clients.
• Reduce time spent managing and supporting custom ETL processes.
• Reduce support time.
• Increase sales by providing SIF® as a value-add.
• Distinguish your products and services among your competitors.

For more information on the budgeting process download the SIF® Budgeting Worksheet.
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