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Provide the right information to everyone in your school or district with a cost-effective data warehouse solution from Integrity Schools.  The Achievement Gateway provides a single point of access to the information and resources your district staff needs to effectively work together to improve student performance.


Achievement Gateway:    Overview

View Screen shots of The Achievement Gateway User Interface

Listen to Podcast about the Achievement Gateway from Dr. Robert Nielson, Superintendent of Bloomington School District #87 and Dr. Gary Niehaus, Superintendent of McLean County Unit School District. Wed. October 21, 2009.

The Achievement Gateway can help your school district:

• Increase Student Performance: 
  Give teachers and administrators a clear picture of student performance at an individual, or    group level so they can adjust instruction accordingly.
• Meet Reporting Requirements:  
Quickly and easily generate the reports you need for your school board and local, state, and   federal requirements, such as No Child Left  Behind (NCLB).
• Increase Student and Parent Engagement:
  Gives teachers an easy way to connect with their students and their parents to get    them more engaged in their classes.  Bringing parents into that collaborative environment gives students the support they need to    perform at their highest levels.
• Make Better Decisions:
  Enhance routine decisions and long-range strategic planning across all school functions with accurate,    readily available data presented in intuitive and familiar formats.
• Let Faculty Focus on Instruction: 
Streamline operational tasks and make it easier for your faculty to find instructional resources,    assess students, record and track grades, and communicate with their colleagues, students, and parents.  They will have more    time and energy to facilitate meaningful learning experiences that meet the unique needs of individual students.
• Brings together data from ALL of your databases:   The data warehouse collects data from ANY system in your network and    consolidates that information in a convenient format. This serves as more than a student information system by not only    incorporating student data, but also data from Special Education, Assessment, Transportation, Food Service, HR-Finance, and    Directory Services applications.  Data from outside sources can be made available to your staff providing a results oriented    approach to data driven decision making.

Key Features:
• Home Page:
School and District Announcements, Reference Links, Email.
• Class Schedule and Student Lists: Provides one click access to student information.
• Student Profile: Access to student information and assessment data from multiple sources on one page.
• Operational Forms: Take and verify attendance, submit lunch counts, acknowledge and review student IEP plans.
• Assessment Report: View student assessment results by groups including class, grade level, school, district, income level, race,    and IEP status.
• Familiar and Intuitive Interfaces: It is easy to add and customize content on your portal, thanks to an intuitive interface and the    ability to integrate with familiar Microsoft Office suites applications, such as Microsoft Office Outlook and Microsoft Office Excel.
• Personalized, Role-Based Access: Provides single sign-on access to content on your portal based on role so you can ensure    that everyone finds what they need—and view only what they are authorized to see.
• Flexible Functionality and Deployment: Simple enough for novice users, yet robust enough for power users. A scalable,    standards-based platform means you can start small and then roll out new features and functionality as you are ready.