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The Schools Interoperability Framework (SIF) is a technology standard that enables software applications in schools to seamlessly share data. SIF® was created over 10 years ago to solve a common problem experienced in schools: redundant, manual data entry. School districts using SIF benefit from increased efficiency, minimized data entry burden, and improved data quality. SIF® adoption has dramatically increased; it is now used within schools in all 50 states. In fact, SIF has proven to be so effective, education systems in countries outside the U.S. are now implementing SIF on a national basis. Download Now

What is SIF®?
In addition to your current applications, in order to share data using SIF® you will need:
    • Zone Integration Serve Software and Hardware
    • SIF® Agent Software

The Zone Integration Server (ZIS) provides the messaging infrastructure needed by SIF® Agents to exchange data in the hub-spoke architecture. The ZIS serves as the central point of connectivity and control for data movement. In most cases, a single ZIS will handle your entire district. Integrity Schools™ can provide this component to you.

Getting started with SIF® also requires a minimum of two administrative software applications that will share data. The Student Information System (SIS) and H/R Finance software are the primary source of most student and staff data. Other systems that are often integrated using SIF® include:
  • Transportation
• Special Education
• Learning Management
  • Food Services
• Parent Notification
• H/R and Finance
  • Library Automation
• Health Management
• Directory Services

Each application that participates in this model needs a SIF® Agent. SIF® Agents are responsible for translating data between the native format of the specific application and the SIF® standard. Many applications already have SIF® agents available; others have it in their current development plans. You may obtain SIF® Agents in various ways, depending on your vendor’s method of distribution. Integrity Schools™ is the provider of many SIF® Agents; other agents may be purchased directly from the software vendor. Some SIF® Agents may even be included with the application software. School districts across the country have incorporated SIF® Certification as a purchasing criterion for their software and have seen the benefits that SIF® integration offers.